Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She was a crazy lady, but we loved her all the same

When Monica came into our lives she was like a little Nubile angel. Her eyes sparkled and her breath was like the laughter and the love centuries of time had compiled before us. Over time she blossomed into a vibrant woman many would consider to be a MILF. With her monster curves she put an end to all discussions about how far she had come, she was after all a big naturals dream come true.

Let the past be the past and your inhibitions run wild with desire. Keep the flame burning in your heart that allows peace and forgiveness to those who are blessed. Frightful pitching is a thing of the past once you have your head and heart moving down the same path to righteousness.

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  1. "Cada novo amigo que ganhamos no decorrer da vida aperfeiçoa-nos e enriquece-nos, não tanto pelo que nos dá, mas pelo que nos revela de nós mesmos. Enquanto o amor passa, a amizade volta, mesmo depois de ter adormecido um certo tempo."

    Já tinha saudades.
    Beijinhos e até breve!

    Lyra ;)